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Our founders

Arthoor Salibian
Lusine Avagian


  • Arthur Salibian

    Arthur Salibian
  • Lusine Avagyan

    Lusine Avagyan
  • Lana Mkhitaryan

    Lana Mkhitaryan
  • Armen Hovhannisyan

    Armen Hovhannisyan
  • Karen Danielyan

    Karen Danielyan
  • Armen Kocharyan

    Armen Kocharyan
  • Arthur Avetisyan

    Arthur Avetisyan
  • Nerses Berberyan

    Nerses Berberyan
  • Betia Haddad

    Betia Haddad
  • Khachanush Hakobyan

    Khachanush Hakobyan
  • Arthur Kesoyan

    Arthur Kesoyan
  • Eliza Hayrapetyan

    Eliza Hayrapetyan
  • Marine Manukyan

    Marine Manukyan
  • Armine Ohanyan

    Armine Ohanyan
  • Lilya Chichoyan

    Lilya Chichoyan

Collaborate with us

Facts (2019)


Free expanders and financial assistance


Free consultation for patients


Free surgeries with Salibian's participation


Exchange of experience with a new surgical method
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Graphic Design




ARMIN Charitable NGO provides free legal consultation in the fields of criminal, civil and administrative law. One of its priorities is to increase the legal awareness of our society members, as nowadays many countries have chosen to protect human rights and freedoms as a guideline for development, but at the same time, the impression is that the more we talk about human rights and freedoms, the more they are violated.

By providing free legal consultation, ARMIN Charitable NGO wants to contribute to the protection of human rights and freedoms in general.

While planning to implement such a project, we have had the broadest ideas for its implementation, starting from just talking to people and ending with providing financial assistance. We do not think that any member of society is unaware that there are large financial allocations for orphanages by both the government and philanthropists. Visiting the orphanages myself, I can proudly say that there are no hungry or poorly dressed children and no children with the impossibility to get education. But those children fail to have one simple thing: human communication. It doesn't matter how many gifts we give them; they want us to stay with them, play simple kids games, listen to their stories. 

Our mission within the framework of this project will begin with simple human communication and end with the provision of material assistance.
Education has been the cornerstone of the development of any society for centuries, and it will go with humanity to the depths of the ages. Within the framework of this project, our mission is to implement educational and cognitive programs in preschool institutions.

This is the age when every child is ready and able to absorb and learn anything that will be given to him, both inside and outside those institutions. We agree with the opinion of many psychologists that the basis of a person is formed by impressions, education and preferences received before the age of five. Any person, especially a child, should not be deprived of the right to education. We are ready to develop a set of tools and be useful to children who for some reason are deprived of the right to education or do not have the opportunity to get it.
  • Free legal aid
  • Support   to  socially vulnerable groups, nursing homes  and orphanages
  • Participation   in   educational programs
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  • DA VINCI CLINIC medical center

54 Area, Park Plaza Business Center, 4/2 Str. Amiryan,
Yerevan City, Armenia

+374 94 60 55 30
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