Angelina's story

Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful, sexy and successful women in the world, made a sensational statement in 2013, saying that she removed her breasts to prevent the development of cancer, replacing them with implants.

The actress noted that she took such a step first of all for the sake of her children, as she wants to live as long as possible, to be by their side and raise them.

“It was not easy to make a decision, but today I am very happy that I had an operation. My chances of getting breast cancer have dropped from 87 percent to 5 percent. I want other women to follow their health and my example. Knowledge is power, and you need to take care of your own health.”

“I just feel that I made the right choice to increase my chances of seeing my children grow up. I hope to give them as much time as possible. I’ve been living without my mother for more than ten years. She saw only a few of her grandchildren and was too ill to play with them. My grandmother died at 40. I hope that my choice will allow me to live a little longer.”

The star said that people also ask her what’s her attitude to the scars after surgery.

“I think our scars remind us of what we have overcome. They are part of what makes each of us unique. Diversity is one of the finest things in human existence,” she says.

“According to her, the deepest scars are often invisible - they are in the heart. All the patients she met at the Curie Institute said that care and support of loved ones are the main motivation for fighting the disease”.